I use "organic geometry" to give form to my love of nature and architecture. Space, either encapsulated or activated, and a sense of balance, precarious yet centered, are integral to my work.
My sculptures range in size from small maquettes and table-top interior works to large exterior pieces. The sundials and fountains, seamlessly merging form and function, reflect their environmental settings. The outdoor sculptures are made of design-cast (a man-made stone), steel and bronze. These materials can be found in my interior works in addition to plexiglas, fired clay, plaster and wood.


I usually work in series, using the material a particular appproach suggests. For examaple, I did a series of coil-built, fired clay sculptures suggesting the human form and am, at present, engaged in a series of wood sculptures combining carving, construction techniques, staining and painting.
Recently I have been creating large outdoor welded steel sculptures, both large and small.


Over the years, I have done a lot of drawing and painting, mostly related to my sculpture. I explore forms in space, the subtleties and placement creating movement both in and out and back and forth. I am finding an exciting cross-fertilization between the two media. Some of my sculptures now have color as an important component.


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